Maximizing the return on investment in producing content of value

  Collaborative publishing to optimize knowledge reuse
  • Businesses are discovering that to capitalize on their knowledge,  they need a strategy to reuse content that will impact every one of their business processes.
  • Most content management systems are capable of handling large volumes of similar content, and indexing them to make them available for review. But the structuring levels and history of this content are really quite weak. Processing content does not approach a detailed level of granularity, which limits the ability to reuse complex and hierarchical business information featuring multiple links.
  • Managing content according to a business-specific schema, using a digital publishing solution – a true collaborative publishing solution — offers users the opportunity to maximize the reuse of their knowledge.
  • A few examples:
    • Technical documentation of an electronic systems manufacturer,
    • Document collection of a legal publisher,
    • Databases of the European Union.
Over the years, Magillem has built a real expertise in XML technology. When Adobe Framemaker, MS DocX and Oasis DITA started to emerge as XML based industry standards and formats, Magillem built a powerful solution for content assembly. This solution is called the Magillem Content Platform (MCP). MCP is successfully used by companies active in the legal field , the publication field and now in semiconductors and electronic systems industries.