Keep track of the BoM during life cycle of systems

  • The necessity to keep track of all the detailed references of the bill of materials results from the acceleration of the life cycle of systems. The management of the components life cycle must be linked to the detailed description of the platforms :
  • Products on a shelf tend to rotate faster and faster and the ruling of the consumer goods markets (multimedia, telecommunication, computers etc..) over technologies results in shortening their life cycle.  Today it becomes necessary to elaborate a detailed and precise description of the components used on the platform in order to put in place an economical and technological monitoring process to control cost and availability.The increase of the number of software controlled processes within integrated systems changes the rule of the game because software has a much shorter life cycle than hardware. The rigorous identification of embedded software versions becomes a priority and must be integrated from the beginning into the product definition. Updates must be traced by a version number and files definitions must be located when needed. Preventive (or pro-active) management  means to plan the obsolescence before it becomes a fact in order to diminish its probability or limit its impact. Rev.Enge allows the description of a platform, meaning not only of its functionality and its architecture, but also a reference to some specifications, requirements and components being used. This technology allows thus to connect domains with different life cycles (platform: long and components: short) and as a result to anticipate obsolescence by planning a solution ahead to correct the problem.