Legal publications:

We are partnering with the Publishers as their core business evolves, meeting the need to update and maintain quality of online production, to keep pace with the accelerated growth of publishers content repositories.
This is what our Legal Content Platform offers:
  • Update publications in real time and automatically consolidate or pre-consolidate laws and regulations
  • Provide structured content and integrates database and CMS historical data
  • Dynamically fragment content , Reuse content units in new publications
  • Content, topic and reference changes: Analyze impact and coverage rates in the document repository, generate alerts
  • Retain links, versioning and history of each content fragment
  • Provide collaborative publishing, and authoring management
  • Detect impacts in a framework of consolidated texts, booklets, and periodicals of updates in legal texts and newly passed regulation
  • Provide tools to conduct qualitative reviews of repositories and enables efficient tracking, incorporating various flows